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Saying "hey, he's pretty good!" is an understatement when it comes to watching Luke Prelgovisk skate. With over 18 years of skateboarding experience in the streets, bowls, and skate parks under his wing, Luke has a unique talent. Not only can he help you learn and understand the basics of skateboarding but will also be there to motivate and push you to your true potential. Skateboarding is his life, his passion, so he feels the need to elevate this sport to its very limit and grow it exponentially.

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For the past 10 years, skateboarding has taken a huge turn for the better and becoming one of the most popular action/board sports amongst us today. The sport was created in 1940 and has already taken major rise and falls, but as of now the sport seems to be here to stay. Luke's Skate Lessons was created by Luke Prelgovisk in the early 2020's with the goal to grow the entirety of the sport itself, as Luke's life has always revolved around skateboarding. He has experienced many life lessons that he wouldn't have if it wasn't for skateboarding, so he wants to spread the positivity and opportunity of skateboarding to those who have never tried it. He believes that the relationship between him and his board is a far much greater bond than anything else in this world. He believes it's one of the greatest forms of expression, and that it's a much more positive output than something such as gangbanging or drug addiction. Luke's Skate Lessons is an academy where he wants you to succeed and progress, where his main goal is to teach you the basics so that when you have them mastered you can go above and beyond his and your own expectations. Luke's Skate Lessons is all about fun!

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